Rob Williams from Malton School has been named Head Teacher of the Year

Rob Williams, head teacher at Malton School, was one of 87 teaching professionals to be nominated for the Pearson National Teaching Award.

Mr Williams was competing for the silver award in the Head Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School category and was announced the winner live on the One Show on BBC 1.

“It is humbling to think that members of the community I have served for 14 years felt motivated to put me forward for this award,” said Mr Williams, after being nominated.

“I am grateful to them and to the Pearson Teaching Awards programme for having established a mechanism to recognise and appreciate the fabulous and dedicated professionalism of colleagues working in education across the country.

“In my case, I hope this nomination reflects the extraordinary commitment that the whole team at Malton have put in to devising and delivering our personal development programme, dedicated to an extensive range of skills based and character education classes that are advantaging the young people here.”

Rod Anson, chairman of governors, said: “We have seen first-hand his quiet yet determined development of a wonderful community with an excellent learning environment and also his rigorous implementation of innovative ideas such as the weekly Personal Development Activities and iPads for all scheme that help to open up new horizons. These activities and the many partnerships he establishes succeed in ensuring every student in this rural North Yorkshire area can take full advantage of a breadth of opportunities and be well equipped to thrive in and contribute to this fast changing world.

“It is a testament to Rob, his team and the ethos he has built that this award arose from the feedback from his staff, from early stage NVQ to seasoned leaders, and was so heartily supported by students, parents and governors. The culture of being the best you can be, while looking after each other, permeates throughout the school with Rob, students, staff and governors encouraging and inspiring each other to strive for excellence.

“We look forward to supporting Rob and the school as they continue to inspire and enable the student’s and the community’s ambitions.”

Mr Williams was nominated for “creating a learning environment which balances curriculum and a programme of personal development activities.”

Teaching Awards is an annual celebration of exceptional teachers, founded in 1998 by Lord David Puttnam, to recognise the impact a teacher can have on children’s lives.

Rod Bristow, president of Pearson UK, has congratulated all the winners from each category, who come from across the country.

He said: “At a time of unprecedented challenge, schools across the country are stepping up and playing a vital role for the wellbeing of our pupils and their families, and it is only right that we take this opportunity to say thank you.”

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