• Gillian Edge

    Gillian has been committed to making her city a better place for young people to study and live for almost 40 years. She has inspired and supported not only generations of children and their families but also fellow educational colleagues on a local level, nationally and internationally. Working within one of the most deprived communities […]

  • Education, Leisure and Wellbeing Teaching Team, Leyton Sixth Form College

    Education, Leisure and Wellbeing is a vocational area comprising of Travel and Tourism, Sport, Health and Social Care and Early Years. The area prides itself on providing high quality teaching and learning, industry skills and gold standard placements to students. The area has made significant progress on developing its identity as a collective team, given […]

  • Andrea English

    Andrea was appointed head of The Oaks Secondary School prior to its opening. As a headteacher without a building, a governing body or appointed staff, she had to create an organisation, a vision and ethos almost alone. The Oaks has become one of the largest secondary schools for pupils with SEN in the country with […]

  • The Essential Skills Team, Belfast Metropolitan College

    The Essential Skills team of Belfast Metropolitan College provides learning opportunities that inspire and give confidence to learners, circa 4,000 annually, who have previously had negative experiences in maths, English and ICT. This team is at the core of the College’s social inclusion agenda reaching out across the city and offering the life-changing benefits of […]

  • Kate Farrell

    Kate is a visionary leader and has created a model for learning which is both innovative and highly successful. Her commitment to the development of confident, independent learners, her ability to set out a vision and her capacity to think through the detail of implementation make a powerful combination. In the establishment of the I-College, […]

  • Chris Flathers

    Chris is the inspirational Principal Headteacher of The Orion & Goldbeaters Primary Schools, in North London. He has worked tirelessly to transform the community since 2000, when his new vision for education ‘The Orion’ opened, which created an environment that recognised the star in everyone. In 2004 Chris took over Goldbeaters and created the Gold […]

  • Nicola Fredrickson

    Nicola has given her entire career to the children of St. Helen’s Primary. During these 22 years, her enthusiasm and passion have remained undiminished. Her impact on the academic progress of the children of St. Helen’s has been inspirational, taking the school from being one of chronic under attendance and achievement to one recognised by […]

  • Jamie Frost

    Jamie is an outstanding teacher. He has a knack of making complicated material simple and accessible, but also exciting and inspiring. One of the things that makes Jamie exceptional is the way he has used technology to enable this knack to positively impact such a wide audience of students and teachers all over the world […]

  • Fullhurst Community College

    Fullhurst Community College’s priority is to provide the highest quality education for every student, raising aspirations and ensuring students fulfil their full potential. Guided by strong and inspirational leadership, the entire staff team at Fullhurst Community College strive to improve outcomes, working together for the benefit of our students, both academically and in their own […]

  • Bruce Goddard

    Bruce has worked in London secondary schools continuously for over 40 years and has made an outstanding contribution to the life chances of thousands of children. He has served as a headteacher for over 17 years in two secondary schools and has led an outstanding school since 2011. Following the transformation of his current school, […]

  • The Performing Arts Team, Gower College

    The performing arts team at Gower College Swansea work in a creative and dynamic manner to enrich the educational experience of a wide range of learners in Swansea. In the true spirit of community participation, the team work together to plan an innovative curriculum in order to successfully embed and deliver educational theatre to a […]

  • Charlotte Grace

    Charlotte Grace is a truly exceptional new teacher. She is well-liked and well-respected by all members of her community. As well as being an outstanding young teacher of Physics, she has made a superb start to her leadership career by voluntarily taking on additional responsibility for STEM and enrichment across the entire curriculum. Each night, […]

  • Leanne Griffiths

    Leanne is an incredibly talented leader who is relentless in her determination to ensure that all students, regardless of their socioeconomic status, are provided with the opportunity to excel and succeed. Knowledgeable, yet humble, confident, courageous and resilient, Leanne strives to create a culture where high standards and expectations are insisted upon, and innovative approaches […]

  • Charmaine Hale-Lynch

  • Christopher Haywood

    Chris has had a very successful and varied career. He started in engineering where he worked in both the public and private sector as a building engineer and a surveyor. In 1994 he decided to become a teacher. His motivation for doing this was to share his knowledge and experience with young people and to […]