The very early years of a child’s life are key in shaping their lifelong learning, development and achievements. Working in partnership with parents and carers, early years teams deliver the early learning experiences that provide the foundation of children’s educational journeys, ensuring that every child has the best possible start in life. The Early Years Team of the Year Award recognises those teams working in pre-schools, nurseries, and school-based nursery units whose dedication and commitment has helped transform children’s early learning and development.

We are looking for stories that demonstrate the positive impact early years teams have had on an individual child, a group of children, their families, or the wider community.

Please tell is in around 1,000 words, covering the points outlined below why early years team should be considered for this award. You can add further details in the additional information section at the end of this form, should you wish.

Who can enter?

In its inaugural year, this category is open to early years teams based in pre-schools, nurseries, or school-based nursery units teaching children in Foundation Stages 1 and 2. All members of the team must hold at least a Level 2 qualification that meets the full and relevant criteria for early years qualifications. At least one member of the team must hold an EYTS or QTS. We welcome entries from state or independent settings.

Points to cover

Please consider the following points and use them to focus your thinking as you prepare your entry.

  • Impacting a child’s learning and development.  How has the early years team enriched the life of an individual child, or group of children? Outline the key ingredients and exceptional qualities that they have used to make this transformational change.
  • Wider positive contribution.  Tell us how the early years team’s enthusiasm, expertise and commitment has enriched the lives of local families or the communities where they work. Show us examples of the ways in which their work has contributed to an improved sense of well-being for those around them.
  • Innovation.  Share examples of how your early years team has used their creativity and brought new, fresh ideas to help children grow and develop.
  • Partnership working.   Tell us how your nominee has collaborated with parents/carers or other external organisations to create positive learning environments for the children they work with. Please ensure you include parental feedback / quotes.

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2022 Pearson National Teaching Awards entry form

Note: Please read the 'Points to cover' prior to making your entry.