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Great secondary school teachers ignite a passion for learning.

Teachers are doing amazing jobs in schools every day. Outstanding secondary school teachers inspire their students and ignite a passion for learning and success in their students. They truly connect with them, making them feel safe to share their values and opinions, so their students thrive, and are fully prepared for the next stage in their lives.

We’d love to read about what makes your colleague an inspiring and successful secondary school teacher who has a real impact on their students’ learning and personal development. What are the ingredients of his/her success? Please tell us in around 1000 words.

Who can enter?

This category is open to all secondary phase teachers, including those in middle schools teaching children aged 11-18 who hold QTS. We welcome entries from state and independent schools.

Points to cover:

The following  prompts might help to focus your thinking as you prepare your entry:

  • Learning environment: The ways in which your colleague creates a learning environment which inspires a love of learning and fosters a student’s enthusiasm to strive to achieve their full potential both educationally and holistically – developing a range of skills and qualities to help them be ambitious and optimistic about life.
  • Teaching and learning: The skills, characteristics and methods your colleague utilises, making them an exceptional classroom practitioner, who uses excellent pedagogy and inspires and motivates every child s/he teaches so they make impressive progress and achieve well. How they engage other colleagues and parents on their children’s learning journey.
  • Assessment: Monitoring and assessment methods used to evaluate the experience and progress of each pupil allowing approaches to be adjusted to take account of the needs of individual pupils and the class as a whole; ensuring continuing assessment has a significant and positive impact on a student’s outcome and self-esteem.
  • Impact beyond the classroom: The ways in which your colleague ensures children in their class are learning to be good citizens and can show how their actions make a difference. On a wider level how s/he enriches the life of the school community. Why do teachers, staff in school and parents think s/he is a wonderful teacher?