Unsung Heroes consistently go the extra mile

Staff in schools and colleges across the UK repeatedly go above and beyond. The Unsung Hero Award recognises anyone on the staff team who has positively enhanced the lives of others in their school community; those who work quietly behind the scenes with a positive attitude, a willingness to help in whatever capacity necessary and a commitment in doing so, to a high standard. This award is for those individuals who consistently go the extra mile.


Who can enter?

  • Staff working in establishments providing full-time compulsory education. This includes school office staff, caretakers, all support staff, whole school  / MAT Teams.
  • Entries for teachers are accepted but must be focussed on the impact the teacher has beyond their classroom practice. Please ensure you submit your entry into the most appropriate category.
  • We welcome entries from state and independent schools and FE colleges.
  • We welcome entries for diverse educators, representing the diversity of society

Key points to consider

To maximise your nominee’s chances of success, please address these points in your entry. 

  • Making a difference: How has your nominee enriched the lives of children and young people and their families, and galvanised colleagues to do the same? Tell us the ways in which they have contributed to the school community showing tangible results. 
  • What makes them special? Those who choose to work in education are hardworking and imaginative individuals who work tirelessly to enhance the lives of those around them. An Unsung Hero does this… and more! An Unsung Hero will do their main job skilfully and comprehensively, but still have more to give. Be sure to highlight what it is that makes your nominee truly unique, above and beyond their primary job description.
  • Where does their motivation come from?  Working in an education setting can be challenging. What is it that keeps your Unsung Hero motivated, inspired and energised to continue performing at the highest level? What gets them out of bed in the morning and fills their cup with ideas and passion?  
  • Supporting others: How has your nominee shown examples of positive working, helping those more in need than themselves?  Tell us the ways in which they have encouraged others to be good citizens, leading by example, to show how actions make a difference and how they have helped those less fortunate than themselves. 

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2024 Pearson National Teaching Awards entry form

Note: Please read the 'Points to cover' prior to making your entry.

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