Partnership for positive impact.

This award is for a school, trust, or partnership that is primarily driven by its collaboration with other organisations. Collaborative projects provide opportunities that make a significant impact on and enhance the lives of all those involved.

These partnerships have a commitment to a wider impact well beyond an individual school or institution. Leaders recognise that achievement isn’t just about test and examination results (though of course these matter). The winner of this award will have the moral drive to ensure that the opportunities traditionally enjoyed by the most advantaged members of a community are made more broadly available to all, irrespective of their background.

Who can enter?

  • Open to all schools, partnerships or trusts educating children aged between 4-18 in the UK.
  • We welcome entries for diverse educators who represent the  diversity of our society

Key points to consider

To maximise your nominee’s chances of success, please address these points in your enry.

  • Opportunity: How has the school, partnership, or trust created distinctively rich and ambitious opportunities in a group of schools? What would happen in the absence of the partnership’s work?
  • Reaching outwards: The winning school or trust or partnership will see itself as the catalyst for wider success beyond any individual school or institution: there will be a commitment to collective responsibility across all stakeholders. Signpost the key partnership collaborators and their roles, and show how these work together for the benefit of young people.
  • Achievement: The school will define achievement more broadly than through progress data and examination results: it will show the opportunities that have come to children and staff through dedicated, hard-wired partnership working. You will be able to show how the strategic aims of the partnership are decided and lived out, and you will be able to share plans for long term sustainability of the partnership.
  • Celebrating: This will be a partnership which will tell its story to the wider community and celebrate the successes achieved by all kinds of children and staff. It will be a partnership that exemplifies values of collaboration and distributed leadership.

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