Outstanding new teachers have a natural ability that shines through.

An outstanding new teacher brings new ideas and enthusiasm to the school and an openness to learn from those more experienced in order to improve their skills. An outstanding new teacher can have a real impact on their pupil’s academic, social and emotional development. They inspire and engage children, so they all thrive, enjoy learning and achieve well.  All of these qualities can be gained through experience, but outstanding new teachers have a natural ability and enthusiasm that shines through.

We’d love to read about what makes your colleague an inspirational new teacher who has shown great promise and the impact they have had on your school and its pupils since joining the teaching team. How have they shown an excellent start to their teaching career?

Please tell us in around 1000 words, referring to the guide prompts below. You can add further details in the additional information section at the end of this form, should you wish to.

Who can enter?

This award is open to all qualified teachers in their 1st, 2nd or 3rd year of teaching, teaching in any phase, teaching children aged 4 – 18. We welcome entries from state or independent schools.

Points to cover

The following prompts might help to focus your thinking as you prepare your entry :

  • Learning environment: The ways in which your colleague creates passion and excitement in the classroom and other learning environments which engages students in their own learning and fosters a child’s enthusiasm to strive to achieve their full potential.
  • Teaching and learning: How your colleague uses traditional and innovative teaching approaches, and the skills and characteristics of this teacher that makes them an exceptional classroom practitioner.
  • Assessment: Ways in which your colleague assesses the progress of each pupil, ensuring the needs of all pupils are met. How do they ensure the children are involved engaged in feedback?
  • Working with others: The ways in which your colleague works with others to enlist support to continually assess and improve their own practice, enabling them to fully support pupil’s academic, social and emotional development?

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2022 Pearson National Teaching Awards entry form

Note: Please read the 'Points to cover' prior to making your entry.