FE lecturers play a vital role in inspiring learners.

Teaching professionals working in Further Education institutions play a vital role in inspiring and engaging learners, ensuring that they are equipped with the skills to succeed and the confidence to progress. They’re focused on best possible learner outcomes, preparing them to make successes of their lives, whether that’s via Higher Education or directly into employment.

Tell us how your colleague creates and maintains a climate for learning that’s inspirational and engaging, characterised by enthusiasm for teaching and learning, high standards, expectations and outstanding learner outcomes.

Please tell us in around 1000 words, referring to the guide prompts below.

You can add further details in the additional information section should you wish to.

Who can enter?

This category is open to all teachers and lecturers working in further education establishments in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

We welcome entries from state and independent FE colleges.

Points to cover

The following prompts might help to focus your thinking as you prepare your entry:

  • Learner engagement: The extent to which they show commitment to each and every student; challenging students to aim high and supporting them in pursuit of their aspirations.
  • Learner–focused flexibility in delivery: Ways in which they set goals which are challenging for each learner, breaking them down into appropriate, manageable steps where needed and the impact of this on learner outcomes. Tell us about steps in place for monitoring the experience and progress of each learner and any adjustments used to ensure the needs of individual pupils and the class as a whole are met.
  • Learning and development optimisation: Ways in which they engage others in supporting students’ learning and development, including colleagues, other professionals and outside agencies/organisations. ? Tell us about the outcomes.
  • Contribution wider than the classroom: The extent to which they contribute beyond the classroom to the life of the college and the impact this has. Ways in which they also demonstrate a commitment to their own professional learning and personal development.

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2023 Pearson National Teaching Awards Entry Form

Note: Please read the 'Points to cover' prior to making your entry.