Digital innovators open new worlds for their students.

Digital technologies can be used in many creative ways within education to improve teaching and learning outcomes.  The educators who are showcasing technology as a positive force for good are role models for the teaching profession in the 21st Century.

We’d love to read about what makes your colleague an inspiring and successful digital innovator in education.  Are they harnessing the power technology can offer in education to make a daily difference to students and staff alike? What are the ingredients of their success?

Please tell us in around 1000 words, referring to the guide prompts below. You can add further details in the additional information section at the end of this form, should you wish to.

Who can enter?

This category is open to all staff working in schools and FE colleges who have had a major impact on teaching and learning and spearheaded digital innovations in teaching environments.  They do not need to hold QTS. We welcome entries from state and independent schools and FE colleges.

Points to cover:

The following prompts might help to focus your thinking as you prepare your entry:

  • Learning environment: The ways in which your colleague has embedded technology in the classroom to promote students’ high achievement and love of learning and how this impacts their students’ attitude towards learning and technology – how is it shaped by their classroom experience?
  • Teaching and Learning: The ways in which your colleague demonstrates expertise and knowledge of digital technology and its effective deployment in their teaching practice – how they skilfully embed technology in their pedagogical practice.
  • Evidence of impact: Your colleague’s use of technology has had a significant impact on the progress and achievement of their pupils – we’d love to hear how they have been able to notice or measure a change in outcomes or behaviours in students or colleagues.
  • Digital championship: Your colleague is passionate about using technology for teaching. We’d love to read about ways in which they demonstrate their knowledge and passion for technology beyond the classroom. Examples of how they have led by example and supported other teachers in adopting innovative uses of technology across the school / college and been a vocal champion for digital technology in the wider community would be beneficial.


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