“It was a once in a lifetime moment. Being on The One Show was a truly unique experience and not something I ever considered for a second I would have the chance to do. The excitement around school beforehand was incredible. The whole community were so proud to see Kensington Primary School and East Ham (Newham) on national television. And when we won…! Everyone – children, our team, parents, governors, The Tapscott Learning Trust, our partners – were on cloud nine. I can’t thank everyone at the Teaching Awards and Pearson enough for making this dream a reality.”

“Being part of the Teaching Awards has been a wonderful experience for our school and community.  The judging process was rigorous and affirmed our judgements of the school by involving and consulting with all stakeholders ~ everyone felt a part of the Award when it was received.  The ceremony and gala dinner were amazing!  We had a brilliant time in London with colleagues and family.  We were all very proud and it has raised the profile of our school in the Local Authority and nationally.  Thank you!”

“I cannot stress how much of a positive experience this award has had not only for me but the whole school community.  I have done numerous radio interviews, one in particular that stands out was discussing the digital skills gap with the Head of Policy at Facebook.  Without this award I would not have even been considered to contribute to such an important debate.

The whole school was abuzz during the regional and national stages of the award.  The students are extremely proud to have a National Teaching Award Winner at the school.  It has afforded me so many opportunities to further improve my CPD but fundamentally the education of students in my school.  The attention from local and national press also shows students and parents that the school strives for Outstanding practice and is ambitious and nationally recognised.”

“It was an honour to be recognised by fellow colleagues and to be appreciated by parents and pupils. As a result of the Award, my school has gained positive publicity and I have come in contact with some really fabulous fellow award winners who have now become good friends- we share experiences and good practice. The awards are a positive focus for the teaching profession and are an opportunity to thank teachers who go the extra mile for their pupils. Long may they continue.”

“The Pearson Teaching Awards gave our school the opportunity to show off and express what made us outstanding to a much wider audience; it has raised the profile of the school and the work we do with our students to a national level. The Awards ceremony itself was a fantastic occasion and I have personally benefitted from meeting some amazing practitioners in the field of education from across the age range and sectors.”

“The entire Pearson’s Teaching Awards process has certainly been the high point of my career, and it was an honour and privilege to be a part of it. There were times when I didn’t think my poor heart would stand all the nerves and pressure, but it’s my sincere hope that getting to the end with the gold will help shine a positive light on the great work of my students, my college, and the FE sector in general.”

“The experience from start to finish was a really relaxed and enjoyable one. The judges made me feel very comfortable. I was great to have recognition, not only for me , but for the school as well. The school has received some really good press and it is good to spread the word about what is going on within education. Thanks very much to Pearson and the Teaching Awards for such a fantastic experience.”

“One special moment which I must share with you, was when we showed the whole school the Classroom Heroes TV footage in assembly last week, as many of the children had clearly not yet seen it. They absolutely loved it as they saw themselves, their friends and their teachers on TV and clapped and cheered along as though they were present at the ceremony themselves! A truly magical moment.
This is real concrete evidence that whilst the Pearson National Teaching Awards in some cases may well focus on individuals or small groups of people -the long term impact is very much on the school as a whole, and rightly so.”

“Not a day has gone by since the school was nominated for the award that it hasn’t been mentioned. To our pupils it means the world and they are proud to attend our school. The power of this wave of emotion, after years of undiscovered potential, can never be underestimated and for the staff personally nothing has ever meant so much.”

“Winning the award has been a great celebration of all the hard work everyone in my school has put in over the last year, particularly the staff, and the trust parents / carers and children put in to a new school with only a small team to represent it. I decided to become a teacher because I wanted to change education and make it better for our children so I hope I can continue on this path and create positive changes across education during my career.”

“It was an absolute wonderful feeling to be awarded the silver winner award.  The response from staff, pupils and parents was genuine and left me feeling quite emotional.  I work in a fantastic school with staff that support each other and aim to provide the best for their pupils.  This award, although for me, is testament to the hard work and genuine care all staff at the school provide.”

“I think it’s an important message for our children to say embrace every moment, celebrate your successes, and take pride. This award is for every single student, and for all the staff.”

“I’m delighted for the school and myself. The award recognises all our work – the staff, community, parents, governors. We all work hard!”

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