Terms and conditions

An entry is the completion and submission of a category entry form. 

An entry form can be completed and submitted by staff in bricks and mortar early years settings, schools or FE colleges, school or college governors or external stakeholders working closely with the nominee and the school. 

Anyone who has received a thank you message can be entered into the awards as long as they fit the criteria of one of the Award categories. Thank you messages can be accessed by schools via the Schools dashboard. The senior leadership team must be aware of and approve the entry of anyone into the Awards. 

Anyone who has received an unsung hero nomination can be entered into the awards by colleagues in a school.  Unsung Hero nominations can be accessed by schools via the Schools dashboard. The senior leadership team must be aware of and approve the entry of anyone into the Awards.

The Teaching Awards are open to physical early years settings, schools, MATs, trusts, partnerships or FE colleges wishing to enter e member of the staff team currently working in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales from all establishments whether state maintained or independent. The Awards are not currently open to online schools, though this is under consideration for future Awards cycles.   

Teaching Awards category judges cannot enter their own schools into their own categories. They can have entries submitted by other colleagues, but must decalre a conflict of interest at all stages of the process and have nothing to do with the entry or judging of the nominee.  

Hereinafter the term nominee refers to an early years educator, head, deputy head, teacher, teaching assistant, school team, trust / partnership, lecturer or FE team that has been entered for an award. 

Settings can enter more than one nominee per category, but the entries must be unique; they can also enter other nominees into other categories and be aware that there is a likelihood that those nominees could end with different statuses.  

An individual may only be entered into one category in any given awards year, unless, in the case of whole school, or FE Team awards they are also members of a wider team being entered. In this instance that person must not be the primary team leader / contact. 

A nominee cannot enter themselves into the Awards. 

The Teaching Awards Trust will email Headteachers/ Principals to inform them an entry has been submitted, where their email address has been provided. In the case of Headteacher entries, the Deputy Headteacher will be informed. Where a nominator has not provided email details of the Headteaher / principal, the main school email will be used, FAO SLT.

The Teaching Awards will not pass on details of the submitter to anyone making a general enquiry. Any enquiries of this nature will be directed to the Headteacher / Deputy Head at the school at whose discretion this information is disclosed. 

A nominee who has retired or will retire prior to the end of April of the Awards year cannot be entered for an award. The Teaching Awards Trust cannot accept posthumous entries or entries for retired practitioners.  Previous Teaching Award Silver or Gold winners are not eligible for re-entry. 

The Teaching Awards has the right to withdraw an entry if it becomes clear that the entry is not approved by a member of the senior leadership team at the nominee’s school or evidence supporting the entry is found to be false or written by the nominee. 

The Teaching Awards shall be permitted to exclude any nominee at any time at its sole discretion. 

All entries must be received by 5pm on Friday 1st March 2024 for the 2024 Awards year. 

Entries received after the closing date will not be accepted, nor will any that are incomplete on this date. 

Entries are accepted only via the Teaching Awards website www.teachingawards.com. Any entries emailed, posted or faxed will not be accepted. The Teaching Awards accepts no responsibility for failure to submit entries by the stated deadline or for incomplete entries or those lost due to problems with the internet. Proof of completion is not proof of delivery. 

If during the course of the entry and judging period the nominee changes school, both the previous and current school may be required to provide evidence concerning the nominee for judging purposes. 

If during the course of the entry and judging periods, the nominee retires or takes maternity/paternity leave the nominee may be required to return to the school to be observed in the classroom where possible. 

If during the course of the judging period the nominee is unable to be judged on the pre-agreed date e.g., due to illness, it may become necessary to discount the entry. The Teaching Awards will do its best to help reschedule a judging visit within the allocated timescale. If this is not possible, the entry can be resubmitted for the following Awards year. 

All material submitted as part of any entry and the copyright thereof, as well as the rights of any interviews, shall become the property of The Teaching Awards Trust. No entry or supporting material will be returned. 

The nominee and submitter give all consents necessary for The Teaching Awards to produce publicity material based on the entry and judging report, which may be edited by the Teaching Awards if required, and agree to participate without financial reward in interviews, which may be used by the Trust in any form in the media worldwide. 

The Teaching Awards may, at its discretion, change the award category for which any entry is made. 

The decision of the judging panels is final in every situation, as is that of the Teaching Awards Trust in all matters affecting the Awards, and no correspondence on this topic will be entered into. 

Entry to The Teaching Awards is deemed acceptance of these rules and agreement to be bound by them. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you also agree to our general website terms and conditions. 

The Teaching Awards Trust reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time by posting changes online. 

For the purpose of these Awards: 

Primary includes those practitioners working with pupils in the 4-11 age range. This covers teachers in all schools teaching up to key stage 1 and key stage 2, including qualified teachers of nursery aged pupils in primary schools, teachers in maintained and independent nursery schools and teachers in independent schools with nursery provision. It also includes teachers in middle schools deemed primary. 

Secondary includes practitioners working in all types of secondary schools with pupils in the 11-18 age range. This covers teachers in all schools with pupils above the age of eleven, and also includes teachers in middle schools deemed secondary. 

Where a nominee teaches primary age and secondary-age pupils, as defined above, the entry should be made in the sector in which the majority of teaching time is spent. 

All full-time, part-time teachers and teaching assistants from every subject and activity area are eligible for entry, including teaching and non-teaching heads.