Pearson National Teaching Awards

Celebrating transformational teaching


Rod Bristow, Chair of the Judging Panel

Rod Bristow, Chair of the Judging Panel

The Pearson Teaching Awards gives us a unique opportunity to champion exceptional teaching professionals across the UK.’

‘The judges work on a voluntary basis and judging is an independent and peer-led process. The majority of the panel members are practising teachers and many are Teaching Award winners. The panel also include representation from organisations across the educational spectrum. We are grateful to these dedicated professionals who give their time to ensure a smooth and credible process for those involved and to help celebrate the amazing people who work in our schools.

Judging panel

Steve Baker
Simon Bayliss
Lorna Bradford
Sara Broadbent MBE
David Butler OBE
Ray Chambers
Sarah Dignasse
Michael Goves
Tony Gray
Samantha Grimmer
Kevin Harcombe
Kathy Harwood
Samantha Hunt
Peter Jenkins
Tony Maxwell
Ann Mullins
Becky Newman
Nina Panayis
Geoff Pine
Catherine Power
Liz Quinn MBE
Sheila Ralph
Geraint Rees
Pam Roberts
Sir Alan Steer
Ava Sturridge-Packer CBE
Bob Twells
Jashu Vekaria
Sue Williamson