We are delighted to introduce EduCaveman – a book written by our experienced judge Bob Twells and Dave Cole.

Sharing 50 years of experience in education, Bob and Dave have used their knowledge as a driving force to create positive change within education in a fun yet informative way.

‘Our aim, through the book, is to move teachers and leaders away from negativity, towards optimism and a more contented approach to school life through cultural transformation – hence the name EduCaveman.’ Bob Twells and Dave cole, EduCaveman

EduCaveman has been written for all educators, providing practical tips and strategies to nurture an energised school culture that will positively impact their students too.

Stefan Krummaker, Professor of Leadership Practice at Queen Mary University of London:

This book is a manifesto for ‘positive education.’ An education with energy, passion and enthusiasm which has the power to create an appetite for learning and, thus, transform pupils’ future perspectives. It provides a simple leadership blueprint on how to build trust, high-quality relationships and a positive learning culture, which makes all the difference.

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