Steph Lee-Vae, art and design lecturer at Tresham College, was named FE lecturer of the year at the last Pearson National Teaching Awards. They tell Jessica Hill about their passion for dangerous sports and how being an LGBTQ+ ambassador affects their teaching.

Steph Lee-Vae claims they are “probably the worst person” to be put in front of young people – at least as far as parents are concerned. That’s because the winner of the FE lecturer of the year award has a dangerous pursuit that they actively promote to their students. Skateboarding.

Art and design lecturer Lee-Vae also used to box and do karate fighting (they reached semi-professional status as a teenager). They were even inspired by their 84-year-old nan to start motorcycling last summer.

Lee-Vae clearly has a penchant for danger. “I’ve been punched in the face many a time, but taking a slam on a skateboard is a whole different level. It really hurts.”

It is clear that Lee-Vae’s zest for life shone through to help them clinch the Pearson national award.