We are thrilled to announce Step Into Teaching as the new sponsors of the Making a Difference – Secondary School of the Year Award. Below they share a few thoughts on becoming a sponsor and the work they do.

Recognising the life changing work that schools and educators do is something we feel needs to be celebrated more. We are eager to work alongside the Pearson National Teaching Awards and really show some gratitude to the staff educating our future generations.

Step Into Teaching is a national pre-teacher training graduate programme encouraging high-quality graduates to make teaching their number one career choice. Our programme provides a practical, school-based experience that lays the foundations for a long-lasting and successful career in education. Step Into Teaching’s ethos revolves around the identification, growth, and development of the next generation of teachers to help shape the future of our education sector. Our collaborative approach significantly increases the number of aspiring educators pursuing a career in teaching. Since 2019 we have supported over 2500 graduates achieve their dreams of becoming a teacher and are currently on track to help 1200 more this academic year! Through collaboration and partnership working with schools and colleges we make sure our graduates are placed in roles that specifically relate to their degrees and future aspirations. With a national shortage of new teachers joining the profession and more established teachers leaving their roles each year, something needs to change and Step Into Teaching are proud to be part of the solution.

We are really looking forward to hearing about all of the work that the amazing teaching workforce do on a daily basis and play a small part in recognising their wonderful achievements.

Find out more www.stepintoteaching.co.uk


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