We want more schools than ever to enter in 2019, the teaching profession deserves to be celebrated! Help teachers and schools across the country have the chance to receive national recognition by sharing information about why and how to enter.

It’s your chance to celebrate excellence in your school. Download these free posters and put them round your school.

A great way to show appreciation across your school is by getting involved in our Thank a Teacher campaign.

Encourage pupils, staff and parents to say “thank you” to an amazing teacher and we’ll send them a lovely card through the post. You can also choose to progress any Thank You’s received (by 17th Feb 2019) by entering the teacher for an award.

To promote the ‘Thank a Teacher’ campaign, you could put this poster on your noticeboard for parents. Click here to download our ‘enter a colleague poster’

Some suggested tweets you could use are below:

  • If a teacher has made a difference to you and your family, why not take a few minutes to say ‘thank you’ through the #ThankATeacher campaign? It’s a great, free, way to say thanks, and it’s open to all. Simply fill in a form online and make someone’s day! https://bit.ly/2shxPAj
  • An amazing teacher can change lives. If you know someone who deserves a “thank you”, visit: https://bit.ly/2shxPAj. They’ll receive a lovely card in the post as part of the #ThankATeacher campaign. It will make their day and it’s free to do!
  • We’ve all had great teacher: someone who shows a real interest in who we are, listens to our thoughts, inspires us to learn and encourage us to achieve our best, no matter what our goals. Why not #ThankATeacher? Visit: https://bit.ly/2shxPAj
  • To say thank you to a teacher who’s made a difference to you, go to teachingawards.com/thankyou#ThankATeacher

These are genuine messages to teachers sent through The Teaching Awards website.