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The Education Conversation focuses on our past and present Teaching Award winners and judges, and top leaders in education with guests discussing their experiences of being involved in the awards, challenges schools/colleges have been facing, and ideas for best practice.

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The Importance of Purpose for Teacher Wellbeing

Naomi Ward and Andy Mellor discuss the struggle of balancing wellbeing with a teaching career, and the importance of finding purpose when it comes to leadership and teaching. To find out more about the Schools Advisory Service Whole School Wellbeing partnership that is mentioned in the episode visit

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Impact through Partnership with The Echo Eternal Project

Vicki Gardner from Pearson catches up with two representatives from CORE Education’s Trust’s “Echo Eternal Project”, Adrian Packer (CEO) and Faiza (student representative). “Echo Eternal” is a commemorative arts, media and civic engagement project for primary and secondary schools, inspired by British Holocaust survivor testimony, which aims to promote respect and understanding between different communities.

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