The 2021 ‘Lockdown Hero’ Award for Outstanding Learner and Community Support – Frequently asked questions

I’d like to ‘pay it forward’. Can I nominate one of my own colleagues? 

Yes, you can, but it is a good idea to make the nominations different if you are nominating more than one person. i.e. personalised to the nominees. As a member of staff working in a school, you can also enter a colleague into the Lockdown Hero award or any of our other 14 categories. See further details below.

To nominate a colleague click here

Can I nominate or enter anonymously?

You can nominate anonymously if you wish, but please do provide your email address as we will not be able to contact you if there is a problem if you don’t.

You can enter anyone anonymously.

Can I nominate or enter a teaching team or a support team?

Yes, you can. The Lockdown hero award is open to anyone at all working in a school.

Can nominations and entries be made for people working all schools in the UK? 

Yes, we accept nominations and entries from all schools and colleges in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland .

Does my nomination automatically get entered into the Awards?

No. You can nominate someone in your school, but it is at the discretion of the senior leadership team at the school as to whether they take your nomination forward and enter your nominee into the Awards. We will write to them after we receive and have approved your nomination, and invite them to enter the Awards and provide them with all the details they need. You can however, as a staff member working in a school enter a colleague yourself directly in to the Awards.

I’d rather enter a colleague directly, than nominate them. How do I do that? 

To enter a colleague directly into the Lockdown Hero award simply head to our Lockdown Hero award page, and begin the entry form. It is a good idea to read the 4 criteria carefully and to also read our ‘What makes a good entry guide‘  before writing your entry.

You can view our other 14 categories here. Click on each category heading to read the full criteria.  From there you can begin your entry for your colleague, school or FE Team. We have categories for Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Headteachers, Digital innovation, Excellence in Special needs and FE.

What is the deadline for nominations or entries?

The deadline for completed nominations and entries for all categories is midnight,  12th March 2021.

When do I find out if my nominee has been successful?

First round results will be announced by the end of June 2021, and the final UK winner result will be announced by the end of November 2021.



I have a question that hasn’t been covered here. Who can I speak to?

Please email [email protected] where someone will reply to your query. Please be patient as the volume of nominations means we will not be able to respond immediately.