The Pearson National Teaching Awards are the ‘Oscars’ of the teaching profession.

They were set up to recognise and celebrate excellence in education on a UK-wide basis.  Run by the Teaching Awards Trust and supported by Pearson and the BBC, they are the UK’s most prestigious celebration of transformational teaching. The Awards honour exceptional teaching and culminate in a glittering awards ceremony televised by the BBC. Our vision is a teaching profession with high morale and a society that values and celebrates the great work that is done by teachers and leaders in education.

This is your chance to celebrate excellence in your school. It’s easy to enter the awards, and it makes such a difference!  Entry is free, and the awards are open to all state and independent schools and FE colleges in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Entries for the 2021 Pearson National Teaching Award will open on 27th November 2020.

Please note entries can only be made by colleagues in schools or agencies working closely with the school.  If you are  a parent or student wishing to enter a teacher please complete the thank a teacher form here.  

The Award for Digital Innovator of the Year

Digital technologies can be used in many creative ways within education to improve teaching and learning outcomes.  The educators who are showcasing technology as a positive force for good are the role models we are all looking towards in the 21st Century. This award is for those harnessing the power technology can offer in education to make a daily difference to students and staff alike.

The Award for Excellence in Special Needs Education

Teachers working with children with special educational needs have a huge impact that goes above and beyond the classroom; These unique and committed individuals  are raising the aspirations for young people with SEND; they personalise, effectively promote and embed inclusive practices that best prepare those they work with for adulthood and making a success of their future lives. Tell us how your nominee stands out from the crowd.

The Award for Further Education Lecturer of the Year

Teaching professionals working in Further Education institutions play a vital role in inspiring and engaging learners. They’re focused on best possible learner outcomes, preparing them to make successes of their lives, whether that’s via Higher Education or directly into employment.

We’d love to hear how a lecturer you work with has had a positive impact on their learners.

The Award for Further Education Team of the Year

Teams in FE institutions can shine as beacons for the delivery of teaching and learning opportunities that inspire and engage learners to achieve their full potential.  A successful team is seen as a key asset to the institution, commanding respect and admiration within the institution’s teaching community, leadership team plus learners and parents.

We’d love to hear about a team you feel stands out and why.

The Award for Headteacher of the Year in a Primary School

Headteachers are doing amazing jobs in schools every day. Staff with an inspiring head recognise their excellent leadership and enjoy working and learning with them. Parents trust these heads and feel engaged and positive about the school. We’d love to read about the ingredients of your Headteacher’s success.

The Award for Headteacher of the year in a Secondary School

Secondary Heads know and care for their students and, as inspiring leaders and managers, create an environment where success is expected and supported. Students enjoy going to school and develop as confident and positive learners with the skills, qualities and exam success necessary to broaden their opportunities and increase their life chances. Tell us what makes your colleague an inspiring and successful secondary headteacher.

The Award for Impact through Partnership

New for 2020, this award is for a school or trust or partnership that makes an impact through its collaboration with other schools and colleges. Leaders think less of ‘accountability’ and more of ‘responsibility’ – seeing their role as providing opportunities to enhance the lives of children, teachers and other staff through collaborative working.

These are schools or trusts or partnerships that have a commitment to a wider impact well beyond an individual school or institution.

The Award for Lifetime Achievement 

This award is for teachers who have dedicated their life to the teaching profession and are approaching the end of their career. These people will have had a significant and positive impact on the people they have worked with over the course of their teaching career; from pupils and colleagues to educational stakeholders and within their local community, and not only in their current schools, but throughout their teaching career. Their commitment to,and passion for, education is exemplary to all.
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The Award for Making a Difference – Primary School of the Year

This award is for a primary school that can demonstrate its power and effectiveness not only in transforming the life chances of local children but also in enriching the local community. It is likely to be a school that has challenges but has tackled them creatively and constructively. It is seen as a model of good primary practice and its improvement trajectory is strong. Describe what makes your school stand out and is making a real difference to the lives of children and their families in your community.
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The Award for Making a Difference – Secondary School of the Year 

This award is for a secondary school that can demonstrate its power and effectiveness in transforming the life chances of local children at the same time, enriching the local community. Schools entering this category are likely to have many challenges but tackle them creatively and constructively. With a strong improvement trajectory, the school is seen as a huge asset to the local community and is well respected by parents and key partners. What are the ingredients of this school’s success?
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The Award for Outstanding New Teacher of the Year

This award is for those teachers in their first, second or third year of teaching who have brought new ideas and enthusiasm to the school and an openness to learn from those more experienced in order to improve their skills. An inspiring new teacher can have a real impact on their pupil’s academic, social and emotional development. All of these qualities can be gained through experience, but outstanding new teachers have a natural ability and enthusiasm that shines through.

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The Award for Teacher of the Year in a Primary School

The positive impact of an outstanding primary school teachers can have a long-lasting effect on a pupil’s academic, social and emotional development. They inspire and engage children, so they thrive, enjoy learning and achieve well. A teacher in a primary school is caring, confidence-building, passionate and encouraging. An outstanding primary teacher instils in his/her pupils a self-belief that they can manage anything they set their minds to. Tell us what makes your colleague an inspiring and successful primary school teacher.

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The Award for Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School

Teachers are doing amazing jobs in schools every day. Outstanding secondary school teachers inspire their students and ignite a passion for learning and success in their students. They truly connect with them, making them feel safe to share their values and opinions, so their students thrive, and are fully prepared for the next stage in their lives. What makes your colleague outshine the many secondary teachers who do this every day.

The Award for Teaching Assistant of the Year

In this category we would love to see entries from those classroom support staff who enrich the lives of children every day. Often referred to as the backbone of the classroom, and an asset to the teachers they support, classroom support staff also have a positive impact on the children they work with, helping them to overcome academic, social or emotional barriers to learning.