A Callington school teacher has won a prestigious national teaching award.

Dr Jo Turner, the Deputy Head of Science at Callington Community Centre was named as the gold winner of the ‘Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School’ award in Pearson’s 2023 National Teaching Awards.

She was chosen from amongst thousands of nominees, with judges praising her “unwavering commitment to her students and the wider school community in Callington.”

Dr Turner was teaching when she found out she’d won – receiving a video message from the first British woman in space, Helen Sharman.

She’ll be honoured at an awards ceremony on Saturday evening.

Speaking to Pirate FM, Dr Turner said teaching at Callington Community College was the best fit for her.

“It takes a community to make a good teacher, and I couldn’t be a great teacher unless I was in a school and a wider community of Callington that allowed me to do that.”

As well as teaching, Dr Turner also runs training for newly qualified teachers at the school.

She also told us that the University of Exeter have asked her to help develop their curriculum to train science teachers across the South West.

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