• The Award for Early Years Team of the Year
  • The Woodland Nursery
  • Gold Winners, Silver Winners
  • 2023
  • Blackheath, London

This outdoor nursery for two-to-five year olds is based on the Forest School ethos that the closer to nature children are, the happier they will be and the more likely they are to learn.  

The diverse Early Years team share a passion for teaching children in a natural environment. They make strong connections with parents and go above and beyond to ensure the best experience: flexible hours, help with accessing services and support for the entire family. They turn usual gender stereotypes on their heads; women use tools and make fires and men are promoted in a nurturing and caring role. 

Everyday lessons such as phonics, recognising shapes, imaginary play, counting and reading, are transformed into immersive outdoor experiences as opposed to restrictive indoor sessions. Children are free to explore, question and challenge the world around them. In summer they make flower bombs and bug shelters and in winter they craft fires and cook vegetable soup, gently assisted and guided by adults.