• The Award for FE Team of the Year
  • HRUC Uxbridge College
  • Gold Winners, Silver Winners
  • 2023
  • London, Middlesex

This diverse, innovative team, branded Praxis Performing Arts, have prioritised an impactful, professional environment whilst nurturing and supporting learners, some who come from very deprived backgrounds. 

They have worked hard to build external links over the past five years and work closely with a group of industry volunteers who contribute through workshops – online and in person – and act as mentors.  The team also took the initiative to help combat the negative effects of Mental Health issues by organising a local charity (Give Space) to run twice-yearly workshops to the learners most affected with issues such as depression, anxiety and OCD. 

The team, who all have current industry links, use their professional ties within theatre and music to provide excellent opportunities for learners. They each empower their students to perform throughout the college, in local theatres and in the community. They have a well-deserved excellent reputation with employers, the community and students, providing outstanding teaching, learning, assessment, and fun – all day, every day. 

Many Level 1 students have progressed to University, Drama School and Level 4 courses.