• The Award for Impact through Partnership
  • The CORE Education Trust - Echo Eternal Project
  • 2020
  • Birmingham, West Midlands

CORE Education Trust’s “Echo Eternal” is a commemorative arts, media and civic engagement project for primary and secondary schools, inspired by British Holocaust survivor testimony to promote respect and understanding between different communities.

The testimonies were recorded through a series of interviews with Natasha Kaplinsky for the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation – UKHMF in 2015.

The project is underpinned by CORE’s commitment to bring together diverse communities in a collaborative partnership context, in this case with a common focus of Holocaust memorial and genocide awareness. This focus is supported by the creation of civic alliances between participating schools that have different social and cultural characteristics. The project has, to date, facilitated a partnership network of 20 schools across Birmingham and Coventry. The school populations represent the diversity of the region’s communities.