• Gold Winners, Silver Winners
  • 2014

Suzy Pett is an exceptional teacher of English in her third year of teaching at Surbiton High School. Her commitment and energy for teaching and learning is phenomenal and her expertise and subject knowledge is second to none. She has a gift for teaching and it is clear that she loves her work; and this ensures that the students love her classes! Her creativity and innovative is outstanding. One of her stand-out projects is called “Akenkan” which means “read along” in Twi, a Ghanaian dialect. This is a unique literacy project in which education works two ways across continents. It works with pupils at Surbiton High School to develop a bespoke series of reading books which are tailor-made for children in this deprived area of rural Ghana. In addition, Akenkan creates and provides Ghanaian schools with literacy materials and teacher training. These materials and the delivery of them to Ghanaian schools inspire and motivate these young Africans to read for pleasure. The project also has the unique benefit of introducing UK children to a vastly different culture, developing their literacy skills along with their social awareness. This is just one of her many projects, her drive and enthusiasm permeate the entire school community. She is a very worthy winner of this prestigious Award.