• The Award for Lifetime Achievement
  • Castlemilk High School
  • Silver Winners
  • 2019
  • Glasgow

Ruth was appointed Assistant Principal Teacher of Drama 28 years ago to Grange Academy, which merged with Glenwood High to become Castlemilk High. She was a big hit with her Glasgow pupils from the outset.

Rutgh has served under five head teachers since 1991 and was co-opted onto the senior management team twice, but although she encouraged to apply for a permanent post, she declined in order to look after her disabled son. Absent for a year during illness, her one wish was to return to stage a show with pupils from S1-S6 .

More recently she co- led the learning and teaching committee that resulted in a very good HMI report. Under Ruth’s leadership the drama department and the faculty of performing arts have seen marked improvements in exam attainments and skills acquisition.  She is happiest when directing all-singing and dancing shows, involving around a quarter of the pupils in the school. She has plans for a show in Autumn this year despite her  illness returning.

Colleagues describe drama teaching as her superpower!