• The Award for Outstanding New Teacher of the Year
  • Heber Primary School
  • Silver Winners
  • 2023
  • London

Robyn is a Year 1 teacher in her second ECT year. She came to teaching after working as a designer, but has worked with children for a long time, coaching hockey, squash and tennis. Her friendly and engaging energy is unflappable. Robyn overcomes challenges with a committed work ethic and clear love of teaching.  

She takes new opportunities and schemes or programmes with ease and has fitted well into all school-wide routines and expectations. She introduced the idea of “marvellous mistakes”, a phrase now entering the vocabulary of children and teachers in all phases. Celebrating mistakes to encourage progression includes in an interactive display and adds immeasurably to her learning environment.  

Inspired by her upbringing in Northern Ireland, Robyn is also studying for a Master’s degree in War and Humanitarianism, focusing on the role of education in post-conflict settings and education’s impact on peace processes. ​This dedication to learning and self-improvement is inspiring and admirable. Teaching and learning at the same time, she juggles expectations at both ends without negative impact on either.