Preetmal Poonith
  • The Award for Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School
  • Barnhill Community High School
  • Hayes, Middlesex

Having worked in industry, Preetmal joined teaching in 2006, and he has been a credit to the profession ever since. Students consider it a privilege to be taught by Mr Poonith. What they experience in his lessons is a sense of dedication that is almost unique in the profession. Mr Poonith’s results are outstanding and he achieves these by engendering a huge sense of belief in his students.

His approach is that students need to be confident and ambitious before they can learn the mathematical content. Once they have this belief – and they always do – Mr Poonith then teaches with such high passion and thoughtful precision.

Over the years, Mr Poonith has contributed a great deal to the wider life of the school, as well as the Maths team and is passionate about training the next generation of Maths teachers.