• The Award for Excellence in Special Needs Education
  • Oak Grove College
  • Silver Winners
  • 2023
  • Oak Grove College Worthing, West Sussex

Phillip has been Headteacher here since 2011. He has enthusiastically supported the SEND community and beyond, responsible for 276 SEND students and over 140 members of staff. 

He has utilised every available space the school has to ensure the students have as much space as possible, including halving his own office to create a wellbeing space for students. His clever designs and desire to get the best from the local council means there are now over 50 more students on site than when he joined. 

Under his headship, the number of accreditations has soared. Students have gained C grade GCSEs, Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards and some have headed to university. 

Phillip is also a trustee of a local academy trust, supports other Headteachers, leads workshops for student teachers for local universities, works closely with the local authority, and has influenced change working alongside the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Social Care to improve mental health services for young people with SEND.