Peter is best described in the words of the colleague who nominated for this Award, who wrote, “Peter Rowland is retiring as Headteacher of Severn Vale School after 12 years and his whole school and school community are nominating him for a Pearson Teaching Award in order to recognise his exceptional achievements. 

Through his leadership, he has transformed Severn Vale School. The school has gone from one which was failing its students and had a less than desirable reputation in the local community to one which is a thriving hub of learning in Gloucester City. This year we have been recognised as one of the top 100 most improved secondary schools in the country, and the class of 2013 achieved the best academic outcomes in the school’s history. 

Peter is a Head who believes that schools are more than exam factories. The well-being and happiness of students are at the heart of every decision he makes. He epitomises the philosophy that the role of educators is to develop students into the best people they can possibly be and his emphasis on making Severn Vale a happy, healthy school runs through everything he does. He has absolute belief in each and every student and he never gives up!” He is truly deserving of this prestigious Award.