• The Award for Excellence in Special Needs Education
  • North West London Independent Special School
  • 2020
  • London

Paul Morris was nominated for The Award for Excellence in Special Needs Education for his highly effective work as a Head of Art, Graphics, and Design with some uniquely complex and vulnerable students.

During his six years at TCES Group, Paul has supported highly vulnerable students with SEND to develop their artistic skills, build a strength-based perception of themselves often for the very first time and to achieve incredible grades in both GCSEs and A Levels. His personal ethos is one of recognising the artist, rather than labelling the child.

Paul creates an atmosphere of calm and interest in a classroom where all students can experience themselves as artists. Most recently Paul has been the driving force in setting up a new Faculty of Creative Arts to embed the Arts even further into the students’ experiences, including helping them gain life-long skills that will serve them right through their adulthood.