• The Award for Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School
  • Harris Academy Orpington
  • Silver Winners
  • 2023
  • Orpington, London

Patrice has worked as a History teacher here since 2019, becoming Head of Department in 2021. She is a passionate leader, colleague and mentor, whom all students and staff admire. GCSE results have jumped, adding on average over half a grade for each student. 

Patrice transformed the school’s History curriculum to include topics that mirror the students within her community and give them knowledge and understanding of cultures and stories well beyond their local area. She brought to the fore often silenced histories and is always exploring the past through interesting lenses through her own ongoing reading and study.  The curriculum also now includes a study of mental health through time, introduced after concerns about the impact of the pandemic on student wellbeing. 

She is now is looking to implement curriculum change on a national scale. Her work on reforming the A-Level coursework titles is being prepared by the examination boards as examples that other teachers should use to amplify voices of under-represented and silenced voices in history.