Nina Thomas
  • The Award for Teaching Assistant of the Year
  • Goldsmith Primary Academy
  • Walsall, West Midlands

Nina has served the pupils of Goldsmith Primary Academy and their families for 30 years.

Nina was nominated in the category of ‘Teaching Assistant of the Year’ due to her dedication and care shown towards the children of Goldsmith. Nina believes whole heartedly that every child can achieve and succeed irrespective of their personal challenges in life.

Nina is the heart of the school and has won the hearts of our children and their families. Although suffering seriously with her health and undergoing major surgery, Nina was adamant on returning to school before the doctor’s recommended time to do the ‘job’ that she believes that she was put on the planet to do. This is the ‘job’ that she adores.

Nina works tirelessly to immerse our children in reading because Nina believes that books open up a world of opportunity. Serving a school in a community faced with challenges of its own is not always an easy task, but Nina believes that books will transport our children into an incredible world far from the one they live in. Her work is remarkable and her passion and dedication is faultless. Goldsmith Primary would not be the same with Mrs Nina Thomas!