Nicol Winfield
  • The Award for Outstanding New Teacher of the Year
  • Wyndham Primary Academy
  • der

Nicol started her teaching career in September 2015 at Wyndham. She strives to be the best she possibly can and wants the best for pupils at Wyndham and beyond! She is a reflective practitioner, open to feedback, committed to improving her practice and receptive to new ideas.

Nicol she wants all children to succeed and fulfil their potential and her pedagogy puts them at the core of her teaching. In response to the mastery curriculum, she developed a way of teaching and assessing for mastery in maths which engaged pupils and allowed them to own their learning experience.

Staff and children alike have been invigorated by the innovative, multi-sensory approach to maths that Nicol has led on. She should be incredibly proud of her achievements; becoming an SLE for maths and a Primary Mastery Specialist teacher.