• The Award for Lifetime Achievement, (sponsored by the Department for Education)
  • Wright Robinson College
  • Silver Winners
  • 2022
  • Gorton, Greater Manchester

Neville started his Headship in 1991, over thirty years ago. He transformed the college from being an underperforming co-ed secondary school in an underprivileged area into a centre of (twice) ‘Outstanding’ education. It serves four of the poorest wards in the country and he achieved this against insurmountable odds.

Neville is known for a hands-on approach to leadership and management. As Headteacher, and now as CEO of the Flagship Learning Trust since 2019, he is a true believer of profiling the work of the college in the community. He organised the community Remembrance Sunday Service at the local Cenotaph and has involved the college in many other community events, including a Senior Citizens Christmas Party, believing that it is vital to embrace the elder generation and to teach pupils to do the same. Neville’s inspirational and ambitious vision led to the rebuilding of the college into a world class facility. It is now one of the largest and most successful state-funded secondary schools in the country.