Michael Mckeever, The Trinity School

Trinity School is an inner-city success story rated as “Outstanding”, and Headteacher, Michael McKeever is the cornerstone for that success. During his 40 year teaching career, 28 of those years spent at The Trinity School, as Deputy and Head, he has consistently enabled his colleagues to become the best they can be. He has done this by skilfully creating opportunities for training and resourcing so that the whole school community; students and teacher alike, can achieve at the highest level. He has worked hard with his team to pair a caring and supportive school environment with the demands of providing the highest academic, pastoral and moral standards for all. At Trinity, he has created a true partnership between teachers, students and parents in order to deliver the best possible outcomes for all. 

Being the best you can be is a natural and engrained part of life at Trinity School, so much so that it is called being “Trinitised”!