• The Award for Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School
  • The Ruth Gorse Academy
  • Silver Winners
  • 2021
  • Leeds, West Yorkshire

Matthew brings inspirational teaching to ensure countless children, including those from very disadvantaged backgrounds, have the opportunity to experience scientific concepts in a truly unique manner. From the ground breaking design of the leaf cutter ant colony that weave their way around the classrooms and corridors of The Ruth Gorse Academy in transparent tunnels, to the study of ecosystems and the anatomy of organisms, Matthew’s passion and enthusiasm does not fail to captivate students and staff alike. His latest vision, which will become a reality early next academic year, is for students and their families to be able to experience the climate and environment of the jungle first-hand in Leeds through the creation of a unique Jungle on the site of The Ruth Gorse Academy. 

First and foremost, however, Matthew is an exceptional teacher and students thrive and achieve brilliant outcomes in his care. Many of Matthew’s students go on to study a STEM A Level and cite Matthew as a major factor in choosing their A Levels.