Margaret Wilson, The King John School

Teaching Awards judges said, “It is plain to see why Dr Margaret Wilson was nominated by her Governing Body for a Pearson Teaching Award. During her 12 years as Headteacher, the school has gone through significant changes, and those changes are attributed by the school community to Margaret’s drive, enthusiasm and passion for education. The strong egalitarian values of her Glasgow upbringing are never far from the surface, along with her deep belief that education provides all young people with the opportunity to thrive, not matter what challenges they face.

In recent years, the school has become an effective training ground for future leaders and it is actively involved in supporting other schools in the region. During Margaret’s time as Headteacher the school has been transformed and wherever you turn in The King John School, governors, pupils and staff will tell you that the school’s great energy source is its leader, Margaret Wilson, “Scottish passion educating Essex”.