• The Award for Digital Innovator of the Year
  • ACS Cobham International School
  • Silver Winners
  • 2023
  • Cobham, Surrey


Lyndsey has been an international educator for over 18 years with a focus on digital integration, and has a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. In her four years Lyndsey here as Digital Teaching and Learning Specialist, her impact has been one of great change and positivity. Teaching staff have grown in confidence when teaching with iPads, helping to expand the 1:1 iPad programme on offer.

Lyndsey focuses on making learning through Augmented Reality more accessible for all students and teachers, viewing AR as another tool in the creative toolbox. Students now view their use of tech as a way to connect with their learning and share their understanding. Through her initiatives, Lyndsey has transformed teaching and learning beyond metrics and statistics. Students now think digital first.  

Lyndsey is also an Apple Distinguished Educator, Apple Learning Leader, Google Level 1 Educator and Apple Regional Training Centre Manager.  She founded ‘Create for a Cause’, to unite Distinguished Educators from around the world to write books on how students can raise awareness of global causes through digital creativity.