• The Award for Early Years Team of the Year
  • Little Grubs Kindergarten
  • Silver Winners
  • 2023
  • Ludlow, Shropshire

From its inception in 2019, the vision and ethos for Little Grubs has embraced the beauty of nature, sparking the flame of wonder in both children and the adults. The environment they have created is ‘magical’, according to staff.  

Based in the grounds of Oakly Park Estate in Shropshire, children and staff have access to a variety of natural environments, with dedicated woodland, a cabin for shelter, a fire circle and a tool area. 

The daily routine and the time spent outside all year round is pioneering, but it’s the team of dedicated practitioners that makes this such a nurturing place.  

Lessons are often ‘in the moment’ and child-led. Staff intuitively react to the inquiry and exploration from children and as such the group become like a family. 

As the team are all Forest School-trained, they have also forged strong links with the Forest School Association. Little Grubs has featured as a case study in their publication, ‘Growing a Forest School From The Roots Up’.