• The Award for FE Lecturer of the Year
  • Sunderland College
  • Silver Winners
  • 2023
  • City of Sunderland

Lauren is one of the college’s Programme Leads of Performance. She sets high expectations for students in a range of ways through her teaching, planning and industry inclusion into her curriculum and lessons.  

Teaching students from level 2 up to HE, she supports them on their pathway to excellent destinations in education, work and apprenticeships. She plans exciting lessons and forward-thinking teaching strategies including project-based learning. The Performance course regularly shares best practice with the wider Creative team and receives positive feedback from stakeholders because of this.  

Lauren has gone above and beyond to build relationships with regional and national businesses and stakeholders to enable top quality opportunities for students, to the point where the college has a surplus of partners and projects asking to work with her classes. 

She even worked with the National Rugby League to open the Rugby League World Cup. This saw students working with professionals through rigorous rehearsal schedules and travelling to Hull.