• The Award for Impact through Partnership
  • KYRA
  • Silver Winners
  • 2022
  • Lincoln, Lincolnshire

KYRA is a voluntary and invitational partnership of primary schools in Lincolnshire encompassing local authority-maintained schools, stand-alone academies, small multi-academy trusts and federations, church schools, small rural schools, and larger city schools. The collaboration began over 10 years ago as a group of school leaders began to ask themselves how they could support one another to deliver excellence to the pupils and community they served.

In 2012 one of these schools was successful in becoming a national teaching school and, as a result, KYRA was formed. The overriding mission is to be ambitious for children. This year KYRA celebrates its tenth birthday. It has grown to become a thriving partnership of over seventy schools, supported by Anthem Schools Trust (the Trust that runs the original lead school – Mount Street Academy). This group of schools has continued to work together to ensure the partnership is sustainable, taking collective responsibility for the 11,575 pupils they serve, and securing great teaching and leadership.