• The Award for Lifetime Achievement
  • Moss Side Primary School
  • Leyland, Lancashire

Janis Burdin is Associate Headteacher at Moss Side Primary School and has been for 36 years. Janis has been a linchpin in education for the last 40 years. She is a role model who garners respect, trust and loyalty from pupils, staff, colleagues, parents and the community she works in, which is surpassed by nobody else in the teaching field.

In her late twenties, as the youngest head in Lancashire, she opened a school in the heart of a new publically owned housing estate. She first considered the job when the school was simply a plot of land set aside to serve the community of the ‘new town’ area of Leyland. The creation of the school has played a full part in the improvement of the area. She has used her considerable talents to benefit the thousands of pupils and staff who have walked through the doors, encouraging students to share any of their other talents in assemblies or presentations as a way of boosting their self-esteem.

Janis is due to retire this summer, and will leave behind her a great legacy, and an outstanding school to which she has dedicated her career. She will be sorely missed by all stakeholders in the school and within the local teaching community.



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