• The Award for Outstanding Use of Technology in Education
  • The Tiffin School
  • Silver Winners
  • 2018
  • Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey

Jamie is an outstanding teacher. He has a knack of making complicated material simple and accessible, but also exciting and inspiring. One of the things that makes Jamie exceptional is the way he has used technology to enable this knack to positively impact such a wide audience of students and teachers all over the world – not just those lucky enough to be taught by him.

Jamie has a staggeringly sophisticated grasp of technology and his platform www.drfrostmaths.com leverages this. Its design and functionality arguably surpass all other educational platforms – quite remarkable given that it’s provided free to all schools. Students and colleagues alike are continually amazed at the transformative impact Jamie’s teaching, resources and use of technology has had on the way maths is taught at Tiffin.