• The Award for Teaching Assistant of the Year
  • Clacton County High School
  • Gold Winners
  • 2018
  • Clacton-on-Sea, Essex

James was nominated for the award by pupils, parents and colleagues from his school. He is a technical assistant working at Clacton County High School, and has been a constant support to the Design & Technology department for over 20 years.

He arrives to work early and is always one of the last of the team to leave, giving additional time to his colleagues and the students in order for all of them to meet their potential. He once stayed after school hours to help measure and laser cut new parts for one student’s work after realising it was incorrectly put together.

Thanks to James’s knowledge and enthusiasm, one parent commented how her daughter, who previously had no interest in engineering, is now looking for a future career in the RAF. Another parent with a son who struggles with learning difficulties was also amazed at how James helped their child learn and engage with the rest of the class, having struggled with social interactions in the past.

James is constantly updating his knowledge of new technologies so that he can support the children to the best of their abilities, whilst also provide training for other members of the team. James is seen as “the glue that holds things together” in the department.


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If you know a teaching assistant who raises the aspirations of pupils and help them to reach new heights enter them for the 2019 Award for Teaching Assistant of the Year.