Jade Herbaut
  • The Award for Teacher of the Year in a Primary School
  • Roebuck Academy
  • Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Jade is a classroom teacher and Assistant Headteacher at Roebuck Academy and has made a huge impact since she arrived two years ago.

Learning in her classroom is described as creative, enjoyable, exciting and fun.  She ‘always seems to know what hook to use’ with the children to inspire and motivate. Pupils can be found searching for pirate gold in the corridors, hunting for aliens in trees or capturing Goldilocks the porridge stealer in the learning garden.

Whatever the learning experience, her pupils are transported into a world beyond the classroom into space stations, rainforests, pirate ships and woodland huts and more.

Jade’s remarkable passion has led to the development of immersive learning within the Stevenage school with great drive and success.