• The Award for FE Lecturer of the Year (sponsored by the Department for Education)
  • North West Regional College
  • Silver Winners
  • 2022
  • Derry, Northern Ireland

Jacqueline has worked at NWRC as a Health and Social Care Lecturer since 2015. She is a registered nurse with experience across a range of settings. Jacqueline uses her professionalism, knowledge, skills, compassion and experience with her students and team to ensure everyone performs at their best, and is viewed as a highly organised, motivated and caring individual by her colleagues.

Jacqueline is focused on the physical and emotional wellbeing of her students. She firmly believes that academic success is more likely to follow if the self-esteem, confidence and emotional needs of students are developed and met. A committed and approachable lecturer who provides holistic pastoral care, she has an open-door policy. This year, Jacqueline worked with her students in partnership with a local Youth Group, where students explored and improved their own mental health and wellbeing. They also helped to provide and gather University-led research data to support the design of resources and tools for community mental health.