• The Award for Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School
  • Huntington School
  • 2020
  • York, North Yorkshire

Jacqueline (Jack) Bream is an exceptional teacher and human being. She creates an utterly safe learning environment which allows students to learn, and to want to learn.

She has inspired countless colleagues to be better and has constantly been available as a source of support to other members of staff. She has taught a combination of History, English and Media, all to A-Level and her students have secured consistently excellent results under her teaching year after year; she serves as the ‘example’ of excellent teaching at the school.

According to colleagues, Jack epitomises everything teachers should aspire to: integrity, tolerance, kindness, professionalism and an unrelenting belief in her pupils. She represents a core of teachers who deliver great lessons, day-in, day-out; week-in, week-out; year-in, year-out.