Jacob is an outstanding teacher who inspires everyone around him; he is an innovator that empowers children through a fun, unique and motivating approach. He often uses the phrase ‘extra mile’ to motivate the children in his class; a distance that he travels every day. He has created a group called the ‘extra mile crew’ honouring those children who do that little extra. Each week a child is celebrated in front of the class for going ‘the extra mile’. All of the children in the class are inspired, it is evident in both their language and their actions. Another of his catchphrases is “Never Settle, Up-level” and the children are keen to apply this to their work.

He has created a Literacy resource called ‘The Word Wheel’ which is currently being used by over 1200 children in 6 other schools; it helps them to construct sentences and develop their vocabulary; In addition and he is supports other teachers and school leaders by training for his borough. 

He is described as a real “Mr Motivator” and his assemblies are legendary and include a mixture of dance, drama and comedy with parent participation a must! He is truly a deserving winner of this prestigious Award.