Jack Costello, Richmond Park Academy

Jack Costello is an exceptional leader of his PE Department at Richmond Park Academy. He recognises the central role of Sport in school; as one colleague commented, “Through Jack’s leadership our PE department have built an atmosphere of trust and respect so that students know it doesn’t matter what they are good at but that the important thing is to take part. Jack makes all his students feel they can achieve and participate.” One of the most admirable skills this gifted teacher has is the ability to give his students confidence in themselves; he empowers them. There is strong mutual respect between Mr Costello, the students and his colleagues and he encourages the children to take ownership of their own learning and to excel, not because they have to but because they want to. The pupils think Mr Costello is “awesome”, his colleagues admire and respect him and our parents hold him in high regard. He is truly a worthy winner of this prestigious Award.