• The Award for Outstanding School Team of the Year
  • Hordle Primary School
  • Near Lymington, Hampshire

The staff at Team Hordle are a team of about 50 staff, teaching and non-teaching, and are truly the most outstanding group of people who relentlessly work to better the lives of the children for whom they care. They are so very much appreciated by the children. New joining families talk of their children being ‘transformed’ by the Team Hordle experience, changing the lives not just of their children but also, in many cases, of their families too. The team are always focussed on the teaching and the learning of the children – they speak with passion, determination and an absolute resolution to overcome every barrier for each and every individual – ‘whatever it takes’ is their mantra. They live by the ethos they instil in the children using their Superhero Learning Skills to make the school a better place.